June 16, 2011

Ghostface on Wu tattoos, the Clan staying relevant, and Wu Love

Tim Westwood interviews Ghostface while he's out tourin with the Wu in the UK. Ghost talks about his next album, how he's bringing it back to the Supreme Clientele sound, he mentions that there's a new Clan album in the works. He also starts talking about how people have Wu-Tang tattoos.
I don't see Bad Boy, or Cash Money, nahmean? No disrespect to them like that, I'm just sayin I ain't seen none of these other groups tattooed on these motherfuckers. It's only a W. A fuckin bird!
Word to Ghost.
I every disappointment is a blessing, but things happen for a reason and sometimes God works in mysterious ways, nahmean? And sometimes he'll hold you to let other shit reveal theyself. And then when it all fades away, here go the motherfuckers that always been there, that was always the truth.
Also in this interview: A quick Goodie Mob cameo, Ghostface holds a mic a whole time for no reason and Tim Westwood says "baby" to Ghostface a disturbing number of times towards the end.

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