June 23, 2011

Album cover + tracklist: Co$$ - Before I Awoke

The first time I heard of Co$$ I downloaded this mixtape he put out with this producer dude named Numonics. It was a dope project, so I started putting Co$$ on my radar. So this is his debut album, called Before I Awoke. I wanna listen to this soon but I've got a lot of shit to listen to before this, so we'll see what happens. Anyways, the tracklist is after the jump. There's some Exile production on there that is prolly worth checkin out.

1. Risen (prod. by J83)
2. Spaceman (prod. by Fonetik Simbol)
3. Khakis and Taylors (prod. by Fonetik Simbol)
4. In The Wind (prod. by J83)
5. When I Feel ft. Shawn Jackson (prod. by J83)
6. 10-4 (prod. by Insightful)
7. What It Is? (prod. by Knxwledge)
8. Burn It Down (prod. by Cook Classics)
9. Da Meanest (prod. by Exile)
10. Pot Ash (prod. by Exile)
11. Only When I Dream ft. Sene, Aloe Blacc (prod. by Chief)
12. Love Is (prod. by Chief)
13. Born Again ft. Blu, Sene (prod. by Fonetik Simbol)
14. No Allah (prod. by Erik L)
15. Scriptures (prod. by The Soul Academy)
16. Before I Awoke (No Rest) (prod. by Beatnick Dee)
17. So Simple [Bonus] (prod. by Tranzformer)
18. Falling From Grace [Bonus] (prod. by DJ Playa Haze)
19. Star ft. Shawn Jackson [Bonus] (prod. by Fonetik Simbol)

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